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Salon Summit – The Thought Leader for Innovation in the Hair & Beauty Industry

On Sunday 2nd June 2019, at the Regency Hyatt in Birmingham the inaugural Salon Summit Conference will take place.

An iconic roster of inspirational speakers will discuss the innovative ways they have approached their business and how they have used social media, apps, technology and videos to grow, develop and become more visible to a greater audience.

Hosted by one of hairdressing’s most charismatic presenters, Bruce Masefield, the day will feature presentations by industry icons Keith Harris, Jack Howard, Jo Robertson and Zoe Irwin along with entrepreneur Pat Phelan. Let’s Get Social, a panel Q&A session will provide attendees with the opportunity to quiz the presenters and to get into the minds of the experts and find out what has worked for them. What Salon founder, David O’Flynn will inspire you with his story and how tech has help to shaped his business life.


  • 09:0010:00 Registration
  • 10:0010:10 Welcome and housekeeping Bruce and David
  • 10:1010:50 Keith Harris. “Rebirth”
  • 10:5011:20 Jo Robertson. “From Stressed to Blessed”
  • 11:2011:40 Coffee break
  • 11:4012:30 Jack Howard. “Collaborate”
  • 12:3012:45 Recap of the morning session
  • 12:4514:00 Lunch
  • 14:0014:40 Let's Get Social
  • 14:4015:00 David O’Flynn. “The Journey”
  • 15:0015:40 Pat Phelan. “Global tech entrepreneur starts Starbucks of Aesthetics”
  • 15:4016:00 Coffee break
  • 16:0016:20 Antony Davies. ‘Attract new customers - WhatSalon’
  • 16:2017:10 Zoe Irwin. ‘Using your Social Media to launch fresh beauty concepts’
  • 17:1017:30 Any questions - Bruce and David to close

Bruce Masefield


Bruce Masefield is our host and will be facilitating the summit, encouraging questions from the audience and occasionally asking that leading question you always wanted to ask. Bruce’s passion, dedication and commitment to his craft has kept him at the forefront of the hairdressing industry for three decades. From looking after his clientele in the salon or being on a magazine shoot, Bruce says, “hairdressing is immensely rewarding and inspiring.”


Jack Howard


“My presentation will show my tips and tricks on how I collaborate and use social media to grow my business.”

Jack Howard, the king of Balayage and Marie Claire’s Colourist of the Year 2018 is widely credited with bringing Balayage to the UK. A renowned educator who has used the power of video and social media to educate and inspire others to pick up their tint brush and try something new.


Zoe Irwin

Using your Social Media to Launch  Fresh Beauty Concepts

Zoe Irwin, the original it girl and brand architect, Zoe is renowned for her trend predictions and campaigns that attract the attention of stylists and press alike. Recent campaigns for Liberty and Wella have brought the editors of Vogue, Glamour, Red and Marie Claire knocking on her door. From initial concept idea to implementation and how to engage your audience through creating a look for your brand and getting it noticed, Zoe will explain how a creative campaign can boost your business and make you stand out from the crowd.


Jo Robertson

From Stressed to Blessed

“The industry is changing rapidly and there are new issues that are arising in salons. During my session I will be  addressing  some of those issues and  sharing my insight on how to build sustainable business, attracting the right type of stylist as well as discovering your ideal clientele. I will be sharing my checklist to success and giving you the roadmap to achieve your goals. To have a salon that you are not only proud of but will last the next financial winter!”

Jo Robertson has recently set up her new business – Jo Robertson Brand Artist, with technology being very much to the fore in the implementation of setting up her agency. From event management to exhibitions, photographic shoots, social media, brand awareness and profile building along with her own educational courses and programmes Jo has a wealth of experience from working in a salon to managing a global brand to share.


Keith Harris


“Instagram gave me a purpose and has been instrumental in re-igniting my career. As someone who couldn’t use a computer, I was dragged into the digital world not really understanding how it would give me a determination, a passion and help me re-ignite my career.”

Keith Harris is a renowned salon, session and red carpet stylist who has worked in London, Milan and Los Angeles. A diverse and award winning career which was cut short due to illness, Keith has re-ignited his career using social media. A self confessed dinosaur when it comes to technology, Keith very quickly realised the importance of social media as a platform to showcase his past catalogue and used his Instagram account to launch a new career for himself – a master of re-invention.


Pat Phelan

Global tech entrepreneur starts ‘Starbucks of Aesthetics’

Pat Phelan is the founder of SISU Clinic a chain of Aesthetic Clinic scaling globally.

Previously he was the Founder of Trustev, which was acquired in December 2015 by TransUnion.

A serial entrepreneur he has built and sold a number of companies in the telecoms and software space, including Trustev and Cubic Telecom.

He is recognized as one of Europe's most influential software innovators.


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